Our wonderful clients are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the fabulous things they’ve said about our work.


“I attended the first of The Social lab courses on Saturday. It was insanely helpful, full of easy-to-grasp golden nuggets and I now have two pages of things to do to really hone in on my social media presence. I have always run my social accounts for business intuitively, and received good engagement from my audiences, but knowing what the algorithms are really doing, soaking up real knowledge about the many platforms and knowing what I can do to really up my game, will make my business thrive even more. Thank you, you wonderful women, for running such an incredible course and making me feel so much more confident in the crazy social media world!”

Founder, Mullo Studios

“Odette & Co understood my business from the beginning of our collab: their approach is curious, professional and supportive, and within an hours meeting, were articulating what my business is about better than I’ve been able to do for 11 years! Thank you for a stellar service, beautiful copy for my new website and your strategic advice. I’ll be recommending you far and wide!“

Founder, Craft Coaching and Development

“Attending The Social Lab with Odette and Co was an absolute game-changer! A jam-packed day that was filled to the brim with the most incredible information. I walked in not knowing what to expect, and left that day with a plan on a page and a MUCH deeper understanding on which platforms to use and why. I couldn't recommend one of these workshops (and the Odette + Co team in general) more highly. They're incredibly knowledgable, funny as hell, and make everything incredibly easy to understand. Thank you team!”

Founder, Owners Collective

"Odette and her team know their stuff! They take great care to understand your business needs and your own strengths and weaknesses so they can tailor their PR outreach & strategic advice and recommendations accordingly. I was impressed by how quickly they made an impact on my business and began to deliver results. Odette is so supportive I have truly loved working with her and her amazing team."

Founder, Beachside Collective

"Connecting with Odette was a chance encounter and aren’t I grateful we met. We were both at a social media workshop but for different reasons. I was there to dip my toe into the world of creating a public presence on social platforms for a business. Whilst Odette was there as one of her many ways of staying current with the ever evolving industry. From participating in that workshop, I quickly learnt that I couldn’t make the shift from social media consumer to brand and content creator alone. I needed an expert, enter Odette & Co. Odette and I have just finished going through all the recommendations for my company, Thyme To Nurture, and my brain is still trying to digest all that was said. Thankfully Odette & Co has laid it all out for me in a comprehensive report so I now know what I didn’t know and how to improve. I’m excited to see my brand blossom as I incorporate their recommendations and wanted to say thank you for holding my hand on this journey!”

Founder, Thyme to Nuture

"When I decided it was time I needed PR for my business, it was very daunting and I had no idea where to start. Odette & Co came with high recommendation, so I thought I’d take the plunge and see what happened. It has been one amazing ride ever since. I cannot thank Odette and her team enough for the exposure and confidence it has given to my business. Having such a creative and talented team on your side when your business is at that crucial point of scaling is so exciting and reassuring at the same time. Chatting to Odette is always relaxed and comfortable, it’s like talking to a long-time friend. PR is taking my business to the next level, thanks to the A team! If you are like me and know PR is crucial for growth, I highly recommend Odette and her team.”

Founder, Family Garden Life

"We commissioned Odette & Co to help us with our content strategy, marketing and overall business profile through PR outreach. The last 2 months we have been thrilled with the results and more importantly the experience of working with such a professional, friendly and intelligent team. No hesitation is recommending Odette &Co, in fact we already have!"

Founders, DO Commerce

"Odette is an innovative digital marketing manager with strengths in management, planning and creative implementation. She quickly identifies and responds to business challenges with tailored marketing communications solutions that provide sound return on investments. She works collaboratively with management and business partners in the development of strategic plans and gives insightful and clear direction to her staff and third party suppliers."

Managing Executive, 360 Marketing Communications

"Odette pushed our ‘digital’ boundaries to ensure we continue to remain relevant in the Digital Economy. Her insights and real-world application to our member products and service have spring-boarded our Association into the 21st century."

CEO, Physiotherapy Australia

"I would highly recommend Odette, great communication and extremely effective in her role!"

Senior Physiotherapist John Hunter Hospital and Conjoint Lecturer Newcastle University

"I haven’t worked with a Marketing Manager quite like Odette. From our first encounter, her energy, professionalism and abilities were apparent. Odette is one of the few people in marketing I’ve met that has actually been able to grasp a deep intimate knowledge and love of the profession and cohort of people she’s working with. She has embraced Physiotherapy and recognised that the profession is about people and that Physios value personal relationships. This is why she is so skilled at working closely with her clients. I hope my own professional relationship with her continues for many years. I’m passionate about social media and I have no doubt that my ability to bring this to the forefront of Physiotherapy wouldn’t have been possible without Odette’s help. We have worked together on social media promotion of the profession, co-developed the Associations’ Social Media Marketing Guide and co-ordinated social media at various conferences."

PhD, CHIA, Digital Health Consultant, Researcher, B.Physio (Hons)

"I have known Odette Barry for just over 12 months in her role as Marketing Manager for the Australian Physiotherapy Association and during this time I have been thoroughly impressed by Odette’s commitment and innovative work ethic. Together, we have helped raise the profile of Men’s Health in Physiotherapy via numerous medical articles and write ups in the APA’s ‘In Motion’ magazine PLUS had Odette pioneer and facilitate a major Q&A 24 hour Twitter Chat for Men’s Health Week in 2015. Some 3.3 million impressions were recorded in a world first conversation whereby physiotherapists globally were able to post questions and have answers to pressing Men’s Health issues in seconds! Since then, Odette has ensured the message is continuously voiced in the wider community via a variety of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter posts. I cannot recommend Odette more highly enough if you are looking for an individual to assist you in marketing your cause- she’s dynamic, super-efficient and has a wonderful energy that you will immediately appreciate."

Men’s Health Physiotherapist & Clinical Researcher UWA