The Essential Guide to Influencer Engagement

The Essential Guide to Influencer Engagement


We love, LOVE influencer marketing and have seen it work SO well and SO badly.

The trick to effective influencer campaigns comes down to a few key things. Numero uno…. RESEARCH. Spending the time researching to make sure you have the perfect match and are on the same page is absolutely key.

And secondly, having all of the communication buttoned up so your goals, creative and contracts are watertight.

Over years of working on both the influencer side of the fence and as creative marketing and PR professionals we have seen it all…trust us. So we have developed a really simple guide that has the basics covered.

Our three essential tools include:

  • templates for your outreach (how to approach an influencer - we have 3 options for no strings attached product gifting, for sponsored/paid posts and one for an ongoing ambassadorship

  • influencer campaign brief to help you speak to what you want to achieve

  • basic influencer contract for your to adapt and button up your arrangement

With (well researched) influencer marketing returning on average $6.50 to every dollar spent….what are you waiting for?

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