PRIVATE: Social media mentoring

PRIVATE: Social media mentoring


Spruce up your socials with a digital marketing mentor

So you fell for her social media wizardry at the Social Lab workshop, and now want Odette’s digital biz brain goodness all to yourself. Either that, or you’ve heard about her genius from an equally awesome friend of a friend and just need to experience it for yourself.

Whatever the case may be, Odette’s all yours in these one-on-one social media mentoring sessions. Together, you’ll work wonders during a no holds barred kick-off session, a business deep dive and laffs aplenty along the way. Each awe-inspiring session will see you get your social savvy on by:

  • Developing and implementing your own social strategy, including an outline of key goals and recommended approach

  • Refining your content pillars and targets

  • Utilising the very best tools of the trade to research targets, develop your bio, invites, gifting and accompanying messages

  • Connecting with the right influencers and collaborators thanks to O&C’s supplied lists

Once you’ve hit the ground running, Odette will follow up on two separate occasions, to help iron out any last minute queries or problems.

$2500 (for those who have already attended the ‘Social Lab’ workshop)
$3000 (for those who haven’t)

The details:

  • 5 x power packed coaching sessions

Payment plans available and welcomed upon request.

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